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5 Health Risks Men Over 40 Need to Watch Out For

5 Health Risks Men Over 40 Need to Watch Out For

From childhood to old age women are generally healthier than men. During middle life and beyond men starts to experience some hiccups in their health. As men continue to grow older, they begin to develop some health problems. Most leading health problems in older and aging men are heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, strokes, respiratory diseases, and suicides. Here are some of the top five health risks men over the age of forty years may develop;


This condition is also known as atherosclerosis which refers to the hardening of the blood arteries.strokes and Heart disease are the major cause of death at this point. This condition is a huge and global problem for the public health care providers U.S having the highest rates. Cholesterol brokes the arteries in the heart and brain causing a plaque and if it not stable blood clot starts to form and blocks arteries causing strokes and heart diseases.  Here are some signs of cardiovascular disease.


Lung cancer is a progressive and aggressive disease it may take a period of time before showing any symptoms or without showing up on an x-ray. But with time it does. Lung cancer is difficult to cure in an advanced stage. tobacco smoking causes over 90% of all cases of lung cancer. So men are advised as they get older they should go for screening and also avoid smoking.


This is one health problem that men own claim to. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that affects men only. It is reported that over 200,000 have developed prostate in the U.S this year. It is estimated that one in six men is likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. And only one in 35 will die from this cancer for men. Screening for prostate cancer is available and men over the age of 40 years have been requested to go for screening.


It’s not just your moods. Depression is a mixed emotional trauma and disturbances that affect you as a person it may also affect your health. Depression will affect the balance of hormones and this causes lack of sleep sometimes, poor appetite and general body weakness. Depressed men committing suicide after getting drunk so to be free from their depressions this is why most depressions are associated with suicides.


This condition may not be life threatening but it is still an important health problem issue. 40 years to 70 years old men will develop this kind of health problem almost two-third has erectile dysfunction problem. It maybe not life threatening but it will cause depression to most men. The same process that will cause other life threatening conditions such as heart disease due to depressions and strokes which may cause death.

In conclusion, most of the health problem affects older and aging men from 40 years to age of 70years and therefore, they are advised to seek frequent medical care just in case they see any symptoms of any condition developing. This will improve their health and prolong a happy life.